Never gave me a refund after recieving my return! Still owes me money!

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After ordering a truck bed mat for my fiance's truck from and realizing i accidentally bought the wrong length i simply followed the directions on the order form for returns. It took a month and 3 phone calls, 2 messages to one phone number, 3 emails, a return request on their website, and contacting the better business bureau, i finally got an adress to send the matt back to.

After all that trouble I made sure to have a delivery confirmation to make sure that the company recieved the item. It has now been 2.5 months since the return and after an attempt from me and 3 attempts from the better business bureau has never responded to any request or given me my RETURN of the purchase price!! So after all the trouble they still have my money and I have no product!

Do NOT use this company! if at all find a different company to give your business!!!

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